(1968) cover(1968) Episodes of Culture in Contest

Edited by Cathy Crane and Nicholas Muellner
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, UK, 2008
ISBN: 1-84718-641-6

This critical and historical anthology looks at a broad and dramatic historical moment with an eye towards the specific. (1968) brings together a dynamic range of scholars, critics and media-makers whose work directly engages the period’s international breadth of activism and critique through close readings of cultural production, from mass-media images to avant-garde practices.

Contributors include: Gerry Beegan, Bruno Bosteels, George Flaherty, Colette Gaiter, Michael Golec, Dara Greenwald, Rachel Haidu, Kathy High, Branislav Jakovljevic, Sarah Lewison, Josh MacPhee, Chris Mills, Petra Rethmann and Geoff Waite.

(1968) Table of Contents (PDF)