The Amnesia Pavilions, 1990-92/2009


Pictures made in two versions of the same country, by two distinct versions of the same artist. This project interweaves images made by a 20-year-old in the last days of the Soviet Union, and by a 40-year-old in contemporary Russia.  These two photographers (and these two countries) may or may not be the same. Shot primarily in and around the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude, The Amnesia Pavilions conflates personal and socio-political history, while refusing to separate subject from subjectivity.


Archival pigment prints, dimensions variable. These are among 112 images included in the 2011 text/image book, The Amnesia Pavilions.

alyosha-on-peak-copy tobacco-riot-tableau-copy alyosha-with-posters-copy banner-300-copy broken-tree-2-copy glowing-pavilion-300-copy novosibirsk-beachcake-3-copy gym-5-peeking-copy haircut-copy lenin---back-of-head-300-copy painted-tree-300-copy red-spill-fixed restaurant-steps-2-copy sad-park-1-copy sand-lump-300-copy smokestack-300-copy picnic-group001-copy unreadable-sign-copy sunset-fence-300-copy victor-dacha-copy white-wall-copy